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ASHES explores the three things Santana Sankofa has been writing about since they began their music journey in 2014: Divinity, Social Justice, and the Intimacy of Love. What does it mean to be the Changes we wish to see in the world when war-torn cities drown out the sound of the true, Quiet Revolution within? Can you really trust people as “Somos” implies or will they disappoint like how they do Every Day? Is freedom really free or does everything come at a cost? How can one move from doubt, resentment, and fear to courage, purpose, and peace - fully knowing we are Chosen?


Can music really motivate people to bust their heart open with its melodies and poetry, rekindling the fire that burns within us every time we stand in the face of injustice?

Ashes is an Altar 4 U, Ancestors. Ashe.

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