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SANTANA SANKOFA opens the window of their Soul; releasing the damp air of darkness and letting the Light in to shine on their rousing Spirit. The window is the mouth. The screen has some tears and holes in it, as evidenced by the gaps in their teeth. The wind simultaneously pulls and pushes the air, in and out. In comes Love, Creativity, Faith, Redemption, and Community. Out goes Re-Memory, Acceptance, Meditation, Healing, and Activation for the Revolution.

The work itself lives on the spectrum where Lullabies, Prayers, Whispers, and Wails also reside. The work serves as a reminder that, "I am Enuf." That, "I've had Enuf." The work is Mourning and Celebration. Both of these are ways to Praise. The work is a practice of remembering not only the past, but the future too. A practice of summoning all the elements of nature and all the emotions of Life. 

Santana makes Gumbo and gets to be the Crab. 

Makes Arroz con Gandules and gets to be the Grain. 

Makes Cookies and gets to be the Chocolate. 

Makes Salsa and gets to be the Hot Peppers.

Makes Tea and gets to be the Herbal Remedy. 

Makes Babies and gets to be the First Breath. 

Ashe. Amen. And So It Is...




(they/them) is a queer AfroCaribbean artist, educator, and organizer born and raised in LA, based in Baltimore with roots in NY.

Their art and activism centers on disrupting faith-based, political, and academic institutions; creating programs to activate youth; and empowering trans + queer people through the sounds and spaces they cultivate. Santana explores themes of justice, intimacy and transforming fear into freedom in their newest album ASHES.

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